i’m on a quest to list my top thirty-seven (don’t ask) korean songs of all time.

so far, i have:
o1`f(x) ♪ you are my destiny
o2`노을 ♪ 붙잡고도 or 청혼
o3`dj doc ♪ run to you
o4`비스트 ♪ beast is the b2st
o5`h.o.t. ♪ candy
o6`h.o.t. ♪ 아이야 (i yah!)
o7`f-iv ♪ shadow dance
o8`지누션 ♪ 전화번호
o9`젝스키스 ♪ 커플
1o`10cm ♪ 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요
11`epik high ♪ breakdown
12`샤이니 ♪ 사.계.한 (love should go on)
13`god ♪ 촛불하나
14`이기찬 ♪ 감기
15`린 ♪ 실화

but then again, there’s so many more songs so this current list might not even make the cut.