photo meme: non-makeup edition (aka random things edition) Saturday, Jul 7 2012 

i follow yumeko’s blog pretty fervently, cos i love that her posts are a mixture of makeup, diy, travel and basically, life. so when she started posting weekly photo challenges, i just knew i had to do them as well. so here’s challenge #2.

double plushies that join me in bed every night ♥ fluffly stitch purchased from hongkong’s disneyland by my best friends for my birthday, & pig rabbit that’s supposed to have voice memo capabilities but is spoilt from over-hugging :x

mate tea. bought from korea on impulse, it’s supposed to help with weight loss, but it really just tastes like green tea. i had a strange craving for chocolate right after my first cup.

rilakkuma pencil tin (strawberries!) with assorted stationery. kiki.k pen (present from a friend), tokki fighting pen (from gmarket), rilakkuma mechanical pencil, jelly pens, tri-color pen, & black permanent marker (stolen from the office).

o4`something you wear
purple infinity scarf from forever21. it doesn’t look like much in this photo, but i absolutely love it. it’s warm enough for perth’s winter, & as i’ve recently learnt, it doubles up pretty effectively as a pillow during long stopovers spent on seats at the hongkong airport.

o5`something random
i’ve been into a potato chip mode lately & this is just one (of the many :x) of the types i’ve tried so far. red rock deli has the most unusual flavor combinations but all of them are sooooooooo good~ :3


인피니트 ♪ btd Sunday, Mar 18 2012 

vero moda scalloped pocket mini skirt
AU$35.68 AU$17.64
in black; AU10

motel tshirt in leopard print
AU$35.68 AU$17.64
in violet; AU10

mulan ♪ a girl worth fighting for Saturday, Oct 15 2011 

asos pintuck bow front shell top
AU$49.58 AU$29.75
in nude; AU10

vero moda top with lace collar
AU$39.66 AU$24.79
in grey melange; m

asos blouse with pleated collar
AU$41.31 AU$20.66
in cream; AU 10

french connection deco stone ring
AU$29.75 AU$13.22
in crystal; m / l

asos statement cocktail ring with metal & stone edging
AU$16.52 AU$9.92
in black; m

kitson bright coloured diamond ring
AU$24.75 AU$10.74
in fuschia

this day. Tuesday, Sep 13 2011 

i want to feel guilty about this.
i want to feel bad that the last time i saw her was almost nine months ago.
i want to feel like a horrible person that i chose friends over her.

i want to remember this feeling cos that’s the most i can do for her.

anastasia ♪ journey to the past Friday, Aug 26 2011 

princess & the frog ♪ when we’re human Wednesday, Aug 24 2011 

(l-r) natural base coat; russian navy; cajun shrimp; black onyx

송지은 ♪ 미친거니 Thursday, Aug 18 2011 

warehouse cape detail blouse
A$22.26 A$20.04
in peach; uk10

비스트 ♪ i’m sorry Tuesday, Aug 2 2011 

i’m on a quest to list my top thirty-seven (don’t ask) korean songs of all time.

so far, i have:
o1`f(x) ♪ you are my destiny
o2`노을 ♪ 붙잡고도 or 청혼
o3`dj doc ♪ run to you
o4`비스트 ♪ beast is the b2st
o5`h.o.t. ♪ candy
o6`h.o.t. ♪ 아이야 (i yah!)
o7`f-iv ♪ shadow dance
o8`지누션 ♪ 전화번호
o9`젝스키스 ♪ 커플
1o`10cm ♪ 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요
11`epik high ♪ breakdown
12`샤이니 ♪ 사.계.한 (love should go on)
13`god ♪ 촛불하나
14`이기찬 ♪ 감기
15`린 ♪ 실화

but then again, there’s so many more songs so this current list might not even make the cut.

티아라 ♪ 너 때문에 미쳐 Saturday, Jul 23 2011 

uniqlo x cath kidston

so thankful & glad that a friend agreed to help me get these.

FT 아일랜드 ♪ 사랑 사랑 사랑 Friday, Jul 15 2011 

asos triple collar waterfall blouse
A$27.40 A$24.66
in cream; uk 10

rare wrap jersey dress
A$32.54 A$29.29
in black; s/m

asos pretty tea dress
A$32.54 A$29.29
in orange; uk 10

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